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Connecting Wisconsin's Workforce

Job Seeker Tools

Look for Jobs

To find work quickly, use Job Center of Wisconsin, Skill Explorer, and other sources of Wisconsin job openings. Helpful publications offer advice on preparing a job search profile or resume, and effective interviewing.

Plan a Career

Make the right choice by using career exploration tools to compare similar career possibilities. Learn more about occupations and their requirements. Try mySkills myFuture or Skill Explorer to find potential job matches to your abilities or positions.

Wages and Occupations

What occupations are growing ... or declining? WORKnet has the details, and wage levels for occupations across Wisconsin.

Training and Education

Some jobs have an educational requirement. On average, wages increase as education increases. Do you qualify for financial aid? Find the answers that will guide your future.

Other Assistance

Sometimes, people need assistance to help them through life's rough spots. These services may include food, housing, child care, and tax credits for qualified individuals.