Retention Strategies

There are successful strategies to help you keep your valuable employees. Save money and be and "employer of choice".

Best Practices

Child Care Resources. Create a family-friendly workplace by assisting employees with child care problems. Tips from the Department of Children and Families.

Employer Options for Child Care: Effective Strategies for Recruitment and Retention. This employer handbook produced by Penn State University shows how workplace child care can help attract and retain the best talent. The handbook outlines 12 child care options in a detailed, step-by-step format.

Hiring, Retaining, and Advancing Front-Line Workers: A Guide to Successful Human Resources Practices is a practical guide for improving employee retention. This is one study provided by Jobs for the Future, a non-profit research and advocacy group supported by many public and private partners. A no cost registration is required.

Wisconsin Forward Award. From the Wisconsin Center for Performance Excellence. The program is designed to advance the competitive position of world-class status of Wisconsin organizations in the international marketplace; and to enhance learning, continuous improvement and enterprise performance.

Supervisor Training Programs

Research shows workers do not leave jobs, they leave first line supervisors. Investment in supervisor training can save time and money.

Business and Employer Events. Wisconsin Job Centers, in collaboration with local business groups and other partners, sponsor workshops, seminars and conferences for employers. These events cover important topics for recruiting, managing and training employees

Small Business Development Centers offer a variety of educational services to small-businesses including low-cost courses, seminars, and workshops. In addition, the SBDCs provides counseling to help clients manage and run their businesses more profitably.

Wisconsin Technical Colleges provide both customized training and regular supervisory training courses.

Support for employees

Helping your employees with balancing work and home can reduce turnover and save you money. Keep your employees on the job by connecting them to available support services.

The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) is available to qualified low-income workers. EITC reduces the income tax a family owes, and at times, provides a refund greater than taxes owed. EITC also allows employers to deduct less taxes from there employee earnings. You can help your qualifying employees have more take home pay. The IRS has easy-to-use assistance.

The Child Care Credit is a federal tax credit for families with children under age 17 designed to lessen the impact of income taxes for families raising children. Qualifying persons get back some or all of the federal income tax withheld. Some workers whose earnings are too low to owe any taxes can get cash back from the credit.

Many low-income working families will qualify for the Wisconsin Homestead Credit. It is designed to soften the impact of property taxes and rent on persons with lower incomes. For renters, only a portion of the rent they pay is recognized the same as property taxes.