Uploading a résumé

  1. Only .doc, .docx and .pdf documents up to 1024 KB can be uploaded. An error message will be displayed if you attempt to upload a document with a different file extension, or that is larger than 1024 KB.

    .doc means a Microsoft Word document in versions 2007 and lower
    .docx means a Microsoft Word document in version 2010
    .pdf means Portable File Document, an Adobe product

    No other file extensions, such as .rtf (Rich Text Format) are accepted.

    How to convert a Rich Text Format (.rtf) document to a Word document:
    • Open your Rich Text Format (.rtf) document in Microsoft Word.
    • Click on the File menu and then on Save As. Make sure that Word Document is selected in the Save as type field.
    • Click on the Save button.

  2. If you see the following message when you attempt to upload a résumé:

    Warning! File NOT uploaded. File name cannot contain special characters (such as @, &, #). Click on the More Information link above.
    … you need to:
    • Go to where your résumé is stored and either rename it without the special characters, or save it as a different document with no special characters in the file name.
    • Return to Step 6 and upload the résumé with the new name.

      Bad Example: C:\User\Documents\Mindy 's Awesome! Resume (cannot upload)
      Good Example: C:\User\Documents\MindysAwesomeResume (can upload)

  3. After you have uploaded a résumé, or deleted an uploaded résumé, be sure to review and update the What do you want employers to see? field.

    You will only see this field if you are sharing your résumé with employers.

  4. To be able to view your uploaded résumé when you click on the What Employers Will See button, you may need to:

    Some browsers do not automatically show downloads. Instead, they put them in a download bar, usually at the bottom left of the browser.

  5. Your résumé will be scanned for viruses during the upload process. If a virus is found, your document will not be uploaded. If you have another résumé you would like to upload, you may attempt to upload that document.