Job Search Tips

Improving your job seeking skills can make you more effective and shorten your time unemployed. The links below connect you to advise to improve your job seeking skills.

The Hidden Job Market

An estimated 80% of available job openings are never advertised publicly. This is called the Hidden Job Market. These jobs are filled by direct contact with employers or by networking with friends, neighbors, relatives and people you know in the workplace. 

The Internet is just one tool in a successful job search.  Estimates are that only 4% of people being hired found their job on the Internet.  Most people, 70 to 80 %, found their jobs by direct contact with an employer or by networking. Online job search, newspaper ads, employment agencies, and government services help many people but only account for 20-30% of hires.

Wisconsin Job Centers can help you learn about the Hidden Job Market and improving your job seeking skills. Contact your local Job Center for details.

Find company information online

Getting information directly from company web sites is probably the most valuable use of the Internet for a job seeker.

  • Get information about companies
  • Choose companies that fit your skills
  • Find job openings
  • Contact potential employers

Search engines can help you find company web sites. The Employer Locator from Career OneStop (U.S. Department of Labor) helps you find companies by company name, occupations they employ, and industry.

Career Resource Library

The Career Resource Library is part of the Career OneStop web site (U.S. Department of Labor). It has links to job search tips from many public and private sources.  The library also has lists job and resume banks, other job search aids and career information.

Job Search Publications

Wisconsin Job Centers have publications on job readiness, the job search, completing resumes and applications, and interviewing.  They are available at no charge from your Wisconsin Job Center or online at Wisconsin Job Center Publications.

Guides for searching

The Internet has many online job seeking resources. Here are two popular guides.

Riley Guide. It features web site evaluations, links, and lists of career and job seeking resources.

Job Hunters Bible. It has advice on Internet use, resumes, job hunting and careers, and has advice on the effectiveness of various job search methods.

Learn about employment scams and background checks for employment.

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