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To find the address and telephone number of local Wisconsin Job Centers:

Get help with placing job postings

Job Center of Wisconsin is the self-service, online system to place job listings or recruit new talent. You may use Job Center of Wisconsin or contact your local Job Center to call in, fax, mail, or email a job listing.

  • For help with Job Center of Wisconsin registrations call 1-888-258-9966 and choose option number 3 (Employer Assistance).
  • For help with Job Center of Wisconsin passwords call 1-608-266-7252 during business hours Monday through Friday.

Get general help by email

Contact Wisconsin Job Centers at the WI Job Postings mailbox.

Providing your name, phone number and email address are optional, but very helpful if we need to contact you regarding your question. This link is to the a central email box in Madison. Your questions will be answered usually within two business days.  Your message may be forwarded to a local Job Center. Please provide information on your location.

Call DWD for help

Call Us For Help is an online publication listing contact information by topic for all Department of Workforce Development services

Job Center complaint coordinators

Every Job Center has a Complaint Coordinator to assist you with any complaints related to Job Center Services, Job Center of Wisconsin, or employers using Job Center services. Contact your local Job Center to file a complaint or email us at the Job Center mailbox.