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Connecting Wisconsin's Workforce

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Self-management Skills

Self-management skills tell an employer whether or not your personality fits the personality of the company, the bosses, and the co-workers.

Over 50 percent of the people who are not successful on the job have trouble with their co-workers and bosses, so its important for you to show employers how you fit into their operations.

Many employers would rather hire an inexperienced worker with good self-management skills than an experienced worker who might cause problems.

If you are not sure what kind of management skills you have, do the exercise on the following pages. This exercise will help you identify your strongest self-management skills.

Review this list of self-management skills and check any three that you believe you exhibit over 50% of the time. Place a second check next to the 10 skills that you believe would be most important in the next job you have that meets your primary job objective.

A = I Exhibit

B = Next Job

A B self-management skill

Now, select two of your strongest self-management skills and write these as complete statements.

Then include examples from your own experiences that support your statements. Also, show a connection between each skill and the job you want.