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Qualities an Employer Looks for When Hiring and Promoting

You need a job. Somewhere, an employer has the job you want. How do you get that job? By marketing your job talents. By showing employers you have the skills they need.

Do you have job talents? Yes! Homemakers, disabled individuals, veterans, students just out of school, people already working — all have skills and experience for many good jobs.

In a full time job you must:

  • Have responsibilities (work duties and procedures)
  • "Punch a clock" or be at work "on time"
  • Work hard all day, 40 hours a week
  • Report to a boss, who makes sure you carry-out your responsibilities

To find a job you must:

  • Set your own responsibilities (things you must do everyday to get a job)
  • Wake up early at a set time to start looking for work
  • Look hard for a job, all day, 40 hours a week
  • Be your own boss (or appoint a friend to be your "boss") to make sure you carry-out your job search responsibilities

Positive qualities: