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Connecting Wisconsin's Workforce

Wisconsin Career Expo Screening

Pre-Registration Requirements

Pre-registration is required to obtain an admission ticket to Wisconsin Career Expo events. There are three steps to follow:

  1. Register on Job Center of Wisconsin!
    If you are already registered, proceed to step 2.

    If you haven't registered, go the Job Center of Wisconsin home page Click on the "Create a Logon" link and get started.

  2. Complete the "Self Assessment Survey"
    This, too, is found on Job Center of Wisconsin. To get there:
    1. Logon, and click on "Job Seeker Tools"
    2. Go to "My Resume"
    3. Complete, save and print your resume
    4. Click on "Self Assessment Survey"
    Complete, save and print the Self Assessment Survey. You'll need it ... and your resume!

  3. Attend a Career Expo Readiness Review Session
    Career Expo events listed below have scheduled Career Readiness Review Sessions. No appointment necessary. Bring your resume and completed Self Assessment Survey to any Career Readiness Review Session.

    Your material will be reviewed, and you will receive your admission ticket!

For additional information concerning Wisconsin Career Expos or the requirements for admission, call toll-free 888/258-9966 and select "job seeker" at the prompt; or, email

Wisconsin Career Expo Readiness Review Sessions

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