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Job Fairs > Job Seeker Tips for Success

Attending a Job Fair

Tips for your Job Fair Success

Before the Job Fair

  • Check with the sponsoring Wisconsin Job Center for a list of participating employers.
  • Research the companies that interest you. Learn who they are and what they do. Check company websites for information.
  • Create a prioritized list of employers you’d like to meet with at the job fair.
  • Plan your strategy. Visit the booths that interest you most when your energy level is up and you are at your best.
  • Do not wander or roam. Present yourself with a purpose.
  • Don’t be shy- be prepared!
  • Prepare and practice your introduction. You should be able to state in less than one minute your name, work experiences and education in a manner that is natural.
  • Practice out loud to feel comfortable with your presentation to the employer.
  • Resumes -- Prepare a strong resume and bring a sufficient amount with you.
  • Resumes must be crisp and clean. Carry in a portfolio if possible.
  • If you are uncertain of the quality or content of your resume, visit your Wisconsin Job Center for professional assistance.
  • Dress for Success! Dress professionally. Treat this event just like you would any job interview.
  • Avoid strong cologne, gum chewing and do not smoke beforehand. Be well groomed.
During the Job Fair
  • Greet each potential employer with a firm handshake and smile.
  • Make eye contact and introduce yourself.
  • Be polite!
  • Listen carefully to what the recruiter is saying. The room will be noisy and busy. Try not to become distracted.
  • Focus, Focus, Focus!
  • Don’t let promotional freebies on the table distract you; do not grab at them.
  • Remember the recruiters’ name. Glance at a nametag.
  • Get a business card from each recruiter. Save and use it for follow up purposes.
  • Thank each recruiter for their time.
After the Job Fair
  • Follow up with a Thank You letter.
  • Send a letter to each employer you spoke with.
  • Send Thank You letters within 3 days after the event.
  • It is okay to enclose a resume with your thank you letter. This may draw attention to your name once again.
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