Staff Messages - 2016

Staff messages - 2016

Information for staff and partners

The updates posted to this site are used to alert Job Center staff and partners about changes, updates, and information requests regarding the Job Center of Wisconsin system.

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2016 editions

April 19 (b) | Attachment 1
JCW Release 3 Recorded Webinar

April 19
Job Center of Wisconsin and JCW Business Changes Implemented

March 24
Employer Help Resources

March 17
RES Program Screen Updates Implemented

March 11 | Attachment 1 | Attachment 2 |
Save the Date: Staff Training for Job Center of Wisconsin Phase 3 Changes

March 4 (b)
Email Blast Sent to Employers

March 4 (a)
Email Blast Sent to Job Seekers

February 4
Job Center of Wisconsin Changes Implemented

January 25 (b)
Emails Sent to Job Seekers with active, shared resumes

January 25 (a) | Attachment 1 |
Job Center of Wisconsin Release 2 Recorded Webinar

January 20 (b) | Attachment 1 |
Instructions for Using the Job Center of Wisconsin Education Environment

January 20 (a)
Job Center of Wisconsin Changes Implemented

January 19 | Attachment 1 | Attachment 2 | Attachment 3 | Attachment 4 |
Emails Sent to Employers and Job Seekers regarding Job Center of Wisconsin updates

About the system

Businesses use Job Center of Wisconsin to enter and manage job postings. This valuable service is provided at no cost to employers. Job openings appear on

Job Center of Wisconsin Employer Call Center staff use JobNet Business-Staff to enter and manage job postings.

JobNet Business-Staff is a database of information about Wisconsin employers and is used to track employer-related activities provided by Wisconsin Job Centers.

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