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Job Center of Wisconsin-Staff messages

Information for staff and partners

The updates posted to this site are used to alert Job Center staff and partners about changes, updates, and information requests regarding the Job Center of Wisconsin system.

Please be sure to pass this information on to whomever needs it!

2014 editions

April 16 | Attachment 1 | Attachment 2 |
Re-Employment Services (RES) Redesign – Release 1

April 1 | Attachment 1 | Attachment 2 |
Staff Training: Unemployment Insurance Internet Inquiry and Initial Claim Rewrite Demo

March 6
Implementation of TEGL 31-11, Complying with Nondiscrimination Provisions: Criminal Record Restrictions and Disparate Impact Based on Race and National Origin

February 27
Skill Explorer brochure now available from Document Sales

February 25 b
ASSET – Job Center of Wisconsin Tab PowerPoint Updated

February 25 a
Problem Resolved for Job Seekers Receiving an Email about Job Match Profile Expiring

February 11 b
Problems Viewing US.Jobs Job Orders from Job Centers Resolved

February 11
Text of Job Match Profile Expiration Email Notice Updated

February 07
Problems Viewing US.Jobs Job Orders from Job Centers

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About the system

Businesses use Job Center of Wisconsin to enter and manage job orders. This valuable service is provided at no cost to employers. Job openings appear on

Job Center of Wisconsin Employer Call Center staff use JobNet Business-Staff to enter and manage job orders.

JobNet Business-Staff is a database of information about Wisconsin employers and is used to track employer-related activities provided by Wisconsin Job Centers.

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