Individual Training Account (ITA) Resources

Individual Training Account (ITA) Resources

Information for training providers

The sample application (Adobe PDF) is designed for reference purposes only, and not for reproduction. Training providers that wish to have a program added to the statewide list should contact one of Wisconsin's Workforce Development Boards to receive an application form.

Wisconsin's Statewide List of Eligible Training Programs is accessed through the ITA home page.

Information for WDBs

The Statewide List of Eligible Training Programs is cooperatively developed and maintained by local Workforce Development Boards (WDBs) and the Department of Workforce Development (DWD). It is produced from information obtained by the 11 local WDBs from potential training providers within Wisconsin and other states.

WIA Section 122 allows each WDB to decide the type of application they want interested and qualified training providers to fill out. Because the DWD desires easy access for ITA customers and staff through this web-site, WDBs distribute a common application. To receive an application, interested training providers contact the WDBs serving the area where they want to provide training.

The WDB reviews applications to determine if the provider's program is eligible to be on the list. Criteria include:

  • The description of the training program is complete.
  • Performance information addresses:
    1. Completion rates for individuals participating in the program;
    2. Percent of individuals who obtain unsubsidized employment; and
    3. Wages at placement.
  • Performance is for the most recent 12-month period.
  • The application contains the required cost information.
  • The training provider has not violated any conditions of the Workforce Investment Act (WIA).

The local WDB is also charged to review performance information of training providers to determine if they have met minimum levels set by the State.

Policy information

The WIA creates a training "marketplace" where participants are given decision-making power. Participants with approved ITAs have responsibility to shop for a training provider that they feel would best meet their needs.

Participants use the Statewide List of Eligible Training Programs (ETP) to do their shopping. Empowerment and success will come from making positive decisions about their training provider. This will depend, in part, on the variety and quality of training providers, and the case manager's efforts to prepare them for making a positive decision.

There are three allowable exceptions for training services other than the use of ITAs:

  • On-the job training is provided through a contract with an employer in the public, private non-profit, or private sector. More detailed information on this type of training is in Administrator's Memo 10 - 07.
  • Customized training is provided through a contract with an employer(s) to meet the special requirements of that employer along with a commitment by that employer to employ, or in the case of incumbent workers, continue to employe an individual on successful completion of the training. More detailed information on this type of training is in Administrator's Memo 10 - 06.
  • Persons with multiple barriers to employment may need different mechanisms for training. The regulations allow this exception only for low-income individuals in the following categories:
    (a) individuals with substantial language or cultural barriers
    (b) offenders
    (c) homeless individuals
    (d) other hard-to-serve populations.

"The ITA is established on behalf of a participant. WIA Title I adult and dislocated workers purchase training services from eligible providers they select in consultation with a case manager." -- WIA Regulations 663.410