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Connecting Wisconsin's Workforce

Disability Toolbox

Services are available to assist a consumer in preparing for, securing, retaining or regaining employment that is consistent with one's strengths, resources, capabilities, interests and informed choice.

30-Second Trainings

Try it. These interactive sessions don't take much time ... and you may learn something! Please check back. New sessions will be added periodically.


Compliance Benefits

ADA Basics

Recruitment and Hiring Strategies

Employment Basics


Top 9 Myths of the Disability Resource Guide

Mental Health At Work

The Competitive Advantage

Mental Health at Work: The Competitive Advantage is a set of videos brought to you by Wisconsin United for Mental Health, in partnership with the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. The link below takes you to a set of 40 short videos, and includes links to Wisconsin and national resources in the areas of mental health and workplace resources.

Employer Resources

The Field Guide to Evolving Your Workforce is a quick interactive guide (PDF) from

Disability Employment Initiative

The Disability Employment Initiative (DEI) is funded by the Department of Labor that builds on the former Disability Program Navigator project.