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Connecting Wisconsin's Workforce

ASSET Info-Line messages

This informal e-flyer is meant to update ASSET system users about upcoming events, policies and happenings related to Wisconsin Job Center automated systems. Official policy will be transmitted through regular Division of Employment and Training (DET) communications.

Please be sure to pass this information on to whomever needs it!

2014 editions

April 16 (Technical Bulletin)
March 19 (Technical Bulletin)
February 18 (Technical Bulletin)

2013 editions

November 14 (Technical Bulletin) - Updated February 28, 2014
October 10 (Technical Bulletin)
September 27 (Technical Bulletin)
August 8 (Technical Bulletin)
June 17 (Technical Bulletin)
June 13 (Technical Bulletin)
May 3 (Technical Bulletin)
April 12 (Technical Bulletin)
April 4 (Technical Bulletin)
March 6 (Technical Bulletin)
January 24 (Technical Bulletin)

2012 editions

November 30 (Technical Bulletin)
October 30 (Technical Bulletin)
October 18 (Technical Bulletin)
September 12 (Technical Bulletin)
July 13 (Technical Bulletin)
June 21 (Technical Bulletin)
April 23(Technical Bulletin)

2011 editions

August 1 (Technical Bulletin)
July 1 (Technical Bulletin)
May 26 (Technical Bulletin)
April 15 (Technical Bulletin)

2010 editions

August 12 (Technical Bulletin)

2009 editions

November 30 (Infoline)
August 3 (Technical Bulletin)
July 30 (ASSET user information)
June 30 (Technical Bulletin)
June 15 (Infoline)
May 4 (Infoline -- special edition)
April 20 (Technical Bulletin)

2008 editions

November 26 (Infoline) -- re-released 12/11
June 30 (Infoline)
February 28 (Technical Bulletin)

2007 editions

December 17 (Infoline)
November 27 (Infoline)
October 22 (Technical Bulletin)
August 27 (Infoline -- special edition)
August 23 (Technical Bulletin)
July 17 (Technical Bulletin)
July 16 (Technical Bulletin)
July 16 (Infoline)
July 10 (Technical Bulletin)
May 15 (Technical Bulletin)
May 11 (Technical Bulletin)
April 20 (Infoline)
February 1 (Technical Bulletin)
January 26 (Infoline)
January 17 (Technical Bulletin)

2006 editions

October 31
September 19 (WisLine Web announcement, Technical Bulletin)
August 18
August 10
July 28 (Technical Bulletin 1, Technical Bulletin 2)
July (attachment 1, attachment 2)
April (Technical Bulletin)

2005 editions

December (ASSET Technical Bulletin)
January (special edition) (attachment 1, attachment 2)

2004 editions

December (ASSET Technical Bulletin)
November (special edition)
September (special edition)
June (special edition)
April (special edition)
February (attachment 1, attachment 2, attachment 3)

2003 editions

December (b)
December (a)
June (attachment)

2002 editions


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